Business Ideas 2010. Kαινοτόμες ιδέες που ξεχώρισαν..

 1. Small-scale food production using membership models

2. Low impact advertising

3. Health tracking devices

4. Sample stores, cafes & vending machines

5. Discreet rooftop solar panels and wind turbines

6. Rotating retail at airports and in malls

7. Remote farming for consumers

8. Connecting creative consumers with local fabricators

9. Paying consumers to promote products they use and love

10. Single-use toilet bag turns human waste into fertilizer


Δημοφιλείς αναρτήσεις από αυτό το ιστολόγιο

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Το ταξίδι προς το φόβο.

Να λες αυτό που νιώθεις και να κάνεις αυτό που σκέφτεσαι..